Wednesday Web Links 3/9/11

Here’s a few links from stories that I have been reading this week.

  • A couple of months ago at Photokina 2010, Fujifilm announced the FinePix X100, a compact digital rangefinder-like camera. It pretty much stole the show and drew a lot of attention from both professionals and amateurs. It’s drawn so much attention that according to that there are now shortages of the camera. Looks like you will have to wait a bit to get your hands on one.
  • I stumbled upon The Atlantic’s photo blog called In Focus with Alan Taylor. It’s a similar format to the popular Boston Globe photo blog called the Big Picture. One post in particular caught my eye titled Libya’s Escalating Conflict. There are lots of good images in this gallery and worth a look in my opinion.
  • Rob Galbraith is reporting that Lastolite, makers of lighting controls, soft boxes and various other grip equipment, has been sold to Manfrotto parent company Vitec Group for about $15.8 million. Hopefully this will be a good thing for distribution and maybe bring down some of their prices. I like a lot of what they make but some of it (tri-flash bracket I’m looking at you) seems a little over priced.
  • And finally, a little shameless self promotion. I recently was accepted to My member page can be found here. I’m gonna try to update it as much as I can with different stuff than I post here. I didn’t realize how much information is available only to members. Good stuff.

Locking Mode Dial Upgrade for EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Last week, Canon announced the locking mode dial modification for the EOS 5D Mark II and the EOS 7D. I immediately jumped at the chance to have this upgrade performed. I needed to send my 7D in for a yearly checkup anyway so the announcement came at an opportune time. One of my biggest complaints about the xxD and xD series of camera bodies has always been the flimsy mode dial. I have owned a 40D and used a 30D briefly when some of my equipment was in the shop. I always had issues with the mode dial switching to another setting while I was carrying it. Why canon chose to put a locking dial on the 60D but left it off of the 7D and 5D Mark II will always be a mystery. In my opinion this is a design flaw with both of those camera bodies. The forums are pretty divided about whether or not this is necessary modification. As a former Nikon shooter its nice to have this feature again. Nikon uses a locking mode dial on almost all of their cameras-Canon take note. There isn’t much else to say about the modification. It functions as advertised and prevents the dial from being turned inadvertently. The modification isn’t cheap (at $100) but the cost of missing a picture because the mode dial was accidentally switched to another setting is a much greater cost to me. Overall I recommend it.

Props to Canon Pro Service

If you are a Canon shooter and are using your equipment for your primary source of income you should be a Canon Professional Service member. Last Monday I blew the shutter on one of my (usually) trusty EOS 1D Mark II Ns. I sent it UPS 2 day on Tuesday afternoon. Canon received my camera on Thursday morning, evaluated the problem, fixed it and sent it out on Friday morning. That’s a 1 day turnaround time for a serious repair!!!! Props to CPS for the excellent job they do repairing my equipment to keep me working.