Thunder Valley Motocross

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

What a weekend! I almost forgot how much fun it is to cover motor sports. I definitely didn’t forget how much work it is. Last weekend was the annual Thunder Valley stop on the AMA circuit. The track is unique for the circuit and presents challenges for the riders. Carved out of the side of the foothills at 6000+ feet in elevation, it is unlike any other. Both riders and bikes had to be adjusted to the conditions. It was clear that some of the traveling press were having trouble adjusting too. More than once, I caught a few photographers sitting outside the track sucking wind and drinking water like they had just finished a 5k. I have to admit that toward the end of the day that I was starting to feel a little winded as well. Covering motocross at Thunder Valley entails a lot of hiking up and down the side of a mountain. That combined with the 95 degree heat, the unique smell of dirt bike exhaust and the lack of shade make for a tough day. Even with all of the obvious challenges I still had a blast. Here’s a collection of photos that I made during the weekend. Enjoy.

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