Live iPad coverage with iPhone, OWLE and Ustream

Photo Courtesy of OWLE

A couple of months ago I wrote a short post about using an iPhone for visual story telling. Today a site I regularly read called The Unofficial Apple Weblog used the OWLE, an iPhone 3GS and an app called Ustream Broadcaster to report on features of the new iPad directly from the Aspen Grove Apple store. They took questions from their site and almost instantly were able to answer them through a live demo. This is exactly the kind of forward thinking that will propel journalism into the future. They used existing technology and seamlessly created an interactive broadcast for relatively little cost. Newspaper people pay attention. I really enjoy reading TUAW and they also have a Colorado connection which makes it even better. If you are not already reading it, check it out.

iPhone as Visual Story Telling Tool

Photo Courtesy of OWLE

Recently a company named Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement or OWLE has caught my eye. They make an add on that basically turns an iPhone into a multimedia story telling tool. Here is how it works: You slip your iPhone 3gs into the Aluminum OWLE Bubo, plug in the mic (yeah, better audio!), screw in the wide angle/macro lens, fire up the camera and hit record. You now have a more stable, wider field of view, better audio recording iPhone. Bam!

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