Going Behind the Wall

We knew it was going to happen eventually. On March 2, 2011 the Canyon Courier, Clear Creek Courant and the High Timber Times are going behind the paywall for all non subscribers. I have mixed feelings about going behind the paywall. On one hand we have been giving away our content for far too long. It costs money to do what we do, plain and simple. When people who are subscribers do not resubscribe at the end of the year because they can just go online and read it for free something has to change. That is a business model anyone can understand. If you are already a subscriber, not much will change. You will still get the paper and you can still read everything online. To read full stories as a subscriber you will have to log in. Your subscriber number is your password. Your email is your user name. Its that simple.

For everyone else, there will still be some content provided for free. Jefferson County government stories and breaking news will continue to be free because we will end up publishing many of the stories in multiple papers, some of which are distributed for free. However, most sports coverage, feature stories and general news stories will only be available to people who have registered and subscribed to, at the very least, the online version. There is a lot of information that will be available to subscribers that you will not find in any other local paper or on any other TV station. This information is valuable and in my opinion should be paid for.

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