Inside Boulder County Jail

Secure Passage© Times-Call 2013/MediaNews Group 2013

These are random photos I made while working on a story about jail crowding. It seems to be all or nothing when It comes to getting photos of inmates. This day was a nothing day. Almost no one was willing to be photographed. Click through for more photos that show nothing. Enjoy.

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Friday Night Lights

© Times-Call 2012/MediaNews Group 2012

Love it or hate it high school football is back. I shot my first game last Friday night and had a pretty good time. The Nikon D4 is probably the best camera I have ever used to shoot football. Paired with a 300mm f2.8 it performed almost flawlessly. Making sharp pictures was easy. Here’s a few from the game plus what the printed page looked like. Enjoy.

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Longmont Pit Bulls

© Times-Call 2012

Last week, I worked on a story about Pit Bulls in Longmont. After a couple recent attacks, the breed has been brought into the spotlight again. It seems that both supporters and opponents have quite a bit to say about them. I feel sorry for the reporter who had to cover the story. She had quite a few emails and some voicemail about the subject. Here’s a few photos that accompanied the story. Enjoy.

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Community Recycling in Conifer

© Matthew Jonas 2012/Evergreen Newspapers 2012

I suppose that I am a little strange but I always get excited when I get to cover a community recycling day. Sometime the most mundane sounding assignments can present opportunities to make really fun pictures.

Weather Art

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

Like any good photojournalist, after a good snow storm, you make weather feature pictures where ever you can. Covering the same area for the last 4 years has its advantages – you have a mental address book of all the good sledding areas. I started off going to the areas I knew would produce good pictures but I also kept an eye out for a few new unique locations along the way. It worked out pretty well. Special thanks to my Subaru for driving me through areas that my last car would have easily given up in. Click through for more pictures. Enjoy.

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