State Cross Country Remote Camera Outakes

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

I set a remote camera during every race I had to cover at the 2011 CHSAA State Cross Country Championships this year. I had some success and a few failures. Speaking of failures (WARNING: Rant Approaching), CHSAA has once again made covering the finish line nearly impossible for photographers. They continue to insist on having non essential personnel clogging the finish line. It is the most disorganized event I cover each year. I dread having to cover it. I know I’m not alone in this respect. (Rant over) Anyway here are a few select pictures from my remote along with some explanations.

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State Softball

© Matthew Jonas 2010/Evergreen Newspapers 2010

Last weekend I covered the 2010 CHSAA State Softball tournament. In previous years I have had more schools than I have had time to cover over the 3 day tournament. This year was a little different. We only had 2 teams advance to state: Platte Canyon and Evergreen. Platte Canyon is 3A school and Evergreen is a 4A school in softball. That meant unfortunately that their games would be played at the same time at different complexes (AWESOME!!!). Needing coverage from both games, I would have to hustle between complexes to make sure we had enough content to fill the sports pages for 2 papers. If you have ever been to state softball, you know that the Aurora Sports Park is enormous and that there is the possibility of 12 games being played at once!

Both games started at 12:15. After watching Evergreen play during the season, I made the decision to start at their game and then make my way to the Platte Canyon game around the 4th inning. That is one advantage of being at a small town paper. You cover the same teams every week so you get to know how they play. My decision ended up paying off. Evergreen was eliminated in the first round. While covering Evergreen, I ran into the perpetual Colorado Springs Gazette intern, Brandon Iwamoto. Good luck with the job hunt. Anyway, on to the Platte Canyon game.

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