Bleachers without hand rails

© Matthew Jonas 2009/Evergreen Newspapers 2009

Finding a place to mount a strobe was a pain last night. On one side of the gym there were no handrails on the bleachers. They went right up against the wall. The only thing on one wall was a heating/air conditioning vent. To make matters worse the wall was about 15 feet behind the basket which would have thrown awful shadows from the hoop. I did what I could. The results weren’t bad. The setup was a super clamp, a magic arm, an umbrella stand adapter, a cold shoe and a Pocketwizard.

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Yes Virginia, That is the actual score

I thought that I should post a couple of photos from my first high school basketball game of the year. I always try to show up early so that I can set up my lights, make sure everything works and get ready for the game. When I walked in, the photo above is what I saw. Wow. That was the actual score from the junior varsity game. Evergreen absolutely destroyed Battle Mountain. I know some of those mountain schools have a hard time getting enough people together for both JV and varsity squads. That is the worst loss that I have ever seen. The funny thing is, the team hardly seemed as devastated as I thought they should have been. It was almost as if they were expecting to lose big. Just wow.

The other photo is a wide angle shot from the varsity game. It almost worked….almost. When shooting with lights you get something that I refer to as “stupid-arm-shadows” syndrome. It happens when an otherwise great moment is ruined by a stupid-arm-shadows. Wide angle shots from basketball games are hard to do well. This was an attempt. Maybe I will put it in the photo gallery-maybe not. I will try again next time and hopefully avoid the stupid-arm-shadows. Its really hard to write using a trackpad.