I thought this was a football game


There are many stresses to my job: deadlines, scheduling 3 assignments in 2 hours, dealing with unhappy subjects, trying to get a hold of subjects for stories, coming up with cover art every week, deadlines, updating the photo galleries online, deadlines, i could go on and on.

Dealing with the emotions of parents at a high school football game is part of my job. I generally try to tune out a lot of the “noise” at football games and concentrate on the action. Last nights televised game between Columbine and Bear Creek was no exception. Emotions were running high in a typical rivalry.

Columbine quarterback Danny Spond was having an off night. He had fumbled the ball a handful of times in the second quarter just before the end of the half. He seemed to struggle throughout the third quarter. In the fourth quarter Spond was having many of the same problems he had earlier in the game. He was also suffering some brutal hits from the Bear Creek defense.

When he finally stepped off the field late in the fourth quarter he nearly collapsed. Spond was quickly rushed to the bench and things would quickly get worse from there. He was fading in and out of consciousness. Coaches acted quickly and moved him from the bench to the ground and called 911. His jersey and pads were cut off of him while waiting for paramedics to arrive and his feet were raised. Spond was eventually taken from the field by ambulance and transported to Swedish hospital appearing to be suffering from a concussion.

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