iFixit To The Rescue

I just wanted to give a quick mention to ifixit.com. Once again they have saved me money and time by both providing the instructions and parts to repair my out of warranty MacBook Pro. A local shop quoted me almost $300 for the repair. I was able to do it myself for half that. After 4 years of being on the move, the optical drive finally gave up and stopped reading or writing CDs. I ordered a used drive and within 3 days it arrived. The installation instructions were detailed, easy to follow and provided a list of tools needed. After about 30 minutes of installation time I was able to perform a software update from a disc that I was previously unable to. If you are the DIY type, I highly recommend checking out ifixit first if you have an out of warranty Apple device that needs repaired.

Props to Canon Pro Service

If you are a Canon shooter and are using your equipment for your primary source of income you should be a Canon Professional Service member. Last Monday I blew the shutter on one of my (usually) trusty EOS 1D Mark II Ns. I sent it UPS 2 day on Tuesday afternoon. Canon received my camera on Thursday morning, evaluated the problem, fixed it and sent it out on Friday morning. That’s a 1 day turnaround time for a serious repair!!!! Props to CPS for the excellent job they do repairing my equipment to keep me working.

UPDATE: It Just Keeps Getting Better…

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For those of you who don’t know, that is what a blown shutter looks like (without the arrows, of course). After a weekend of shooting state cross country one of my trusty Mark II Ns  just couldn’t take another sports assignment. Oh well. Off to CPS this morning.

UPDATE: The shutter was toast. It will cost $320.00 to fix it with my CPS discount. Interesting fact: the shutter that was replaced in 2007 had about 80k+ actuations on it. According to Canon I put 173k+ actuations on the new one. Wow. That is 57k+ photos per year!!!! And that’s on one of the bodies I carry!!!!