Columbine Wins 5A State Football Title

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

What a crazy weekend. Lots to do with little time to get it done. The highlight of the weekend was covering Columbine High School winning the 5A football state title. Special thanks to Gabe Christus for letting me borrow his 300. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the game. Enjoy.

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Evergreen Rodeo: Saturday PRCA

© Matthew Jonas 2010/Evergreen Newspapers 2010

The photo above pretty much sums up my take on Saturday. I shot the parade then high tailed it to the arena. In a change from last year, the rodeo was moved to 2pm. This was probably a good thing for rodeo attendance but not a good thing for photography. The light is pretty bad at 2pm. I think last year it started around 5pm. At that time there is an abundance of good, directional light that blankets the arena. I only had to push the ISO above 1600 for the last bull riders. Today the light didn’t cooperate at all. I did my best to try and come up with some different angles and to try and work with the light.

Speaking of angles, in the past I have shot from the tower with the announcer and timers. This year only one photographer was allowed in the tower. I don’t know who it was but I really hope it wasn’t a commercial event photographer that restricted a member of the working press from covering that angle for the sole purpose of exclusivity. I’m gonna try to find out some more information tomorrow. Some of the photos that I posted yesterday are from that angle and it would be a shame to lose that as an option.

Overall there weren’t a lot of stand out moments today. I still took home a couple of decent photos. Tomorrow I will focus more on features and less on action.

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