Feeling Tired, Need Change of Scenery

DISCLAIMER: This is a rant about my frustrations in working on a small staff and how a usual day at work for me is.

Once again Colorado made headlines, although not many national, about another school shooting. And as usual we at the local paper were some of the first and last to know about it. I’ll explain how that is possible later.

I was leaving the house to get to another assignment when I received a frantic phone call from one of our news editors. He said that he couldn’t tell me how he heard but that he was hearing about “something big” going down at Deer Creek Middle School. I immediately changed my direction and went straight to the school. The problem with how we heard about what was going on is not that it came from a phone call. The problem is that we are strangled by a tight budget and DO NOT HAVE a digital police scanner that can listen to what is going on at the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department. Sure there are online options but they don’t work when I am rarely in the office.

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