Top 10 things a small town photojournalist can depend on

  1. At least 1 assignment a week featuring a kid or a dog, sometimes 1 with both
  2. Having too many assignments one week and not enough the next week
  3. Getting asked what TV station I work for while on assignment
  4. Shooting high school sports with my 5 year old camera next to a parent with a EOS 1D Mark IV
  5. A 1200 square mile coverage area with one staff photographer/photo editor/videographer/rented mule
  6. Shooting a business profile portrait of someone who doesn’t want to be photographed
  7. Explaining to a reader why we don’t cover Junior Varsity teams
  8. Being first to cover breaking news but having no way to transmit
  9. Publishing a week old assignment on the front page
  10. Answering, “yes, we actually have a website.”