Red Card: 2 Sports Editors in 6 Months

© Matthew Jonas 2010

A lot of very talented writers are leaving the ranks of newspapers right now. The guy with the recorder above is the legendary Brian Forbes – sports reporter, page designer and editor. It seems that we are having a hard time holding onto sports editors. After working for Evergreen Newspapers off and on for the last 10 years, he is finally moving on to marketing (isn’t that just another word for PR), the place where good journalists go to die. In reality that’s probably the place where good journalists go to get paid what they are worth. The Forbes family seems to be growing exponentially and journalism isn’t exactly the place to be right now if you have dependents. I have only been working with him for a short time but I can say that he will be missed by both the staff at the papers and by the many coaches and athletic directors he has bothered over the years. Good luck with your next endeavor. Now that you are making the big bucks, you should buy me a drink. I might need it to put up with whoever they hire to fill your position.

The sad start to a new year

I went into the South Jeffco office this morning to start editing pictures for the next weeks issues and the first thing I saw was the empty office of my former co-worker and friend Dan Johnson. He was the sports editor for our group of weekly papers for the last 5 years. The walls of his office were once filled with sports banners, posters and credentials from events. You can read his final column in last weeks Columbine Courier. He will be missed. I hope that I won’t see too many more of those photos this year.