Boulder After the “Storm”

Boulder Snow© Matthew Jonas 2013/

I went out after the “blizzard” to make a few pictures of the aftermath. As you can see there wasn’t nearly as much snow as TV media had reported. This is what happens when TV has to do their own reporting instead of being able to use an already published print source for their information, but I digress. Pavement that otherwise would be a forgotten element in a picture becomes a great source of interesting light. Reflections from signs on buildings and cars can add depth to a flat surface. Shooting during the blue hour, the time just after the sun is completely below the horizon but still illuminates the sky, bathes everything in cool colors. Click through for a few more. Enjoy.

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Crazy Dog! RUN!

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Actually I was just making sure that my 70-200 f2.8L was sharp. I just got it back from Canon on Monday and haven’t really had a chance to test it out. Looks good to me.