Pocket Wizards, oh how i love thee


Pocket Wizards. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny their popularity and functionality. I bought my first set of these a couple years ago and I have been adding a couple each year since. I knew that I needed a wireless solution when a dog tripped over a sync cable and pulled my lightstand with a flash into a pool. That was the last straw. Previous to the wireless revolution I was using DIY screwlock sync cords. They worked great…about half the time.

My PWs work ALL the time. I have never had a problem with them. You pay for what you get with these and they are expensive. At about $189 apiece, you need 1 per device you want to trigger so with 1 camera and 1 strobe you need 2 PWs. 2 x $189 = $378 just to use a little off camera flash. If you have 4 strobes and a remote camera you want to trigger, 5 x $189 = one arm and possibly a leg. You get the idea. Pocket Wizards are an investment. If you earn a living shooting the decision should be a no-brainer.

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The inevitable friday night lights post


Its that time of year again, the time when temperatures drop, school starts back up and the underpowered lights of familiar battle grounds are fired up on Friday nights. With the available light fading fast, its time to fine tune our technique for shooting high school football. Many photographers dread this time of year while others thoroughly enjoy it. I for one have mixed feelings on “Friday Night Lights”.

While its nice to be shooting organized sports again, it’s also a lot of work. I usually try to show up more than an hour before the game. This gives me an opportunity to shoot some “fan art” and hopefully track down a copy of each teams roster and figure out what equipment I am going to need for the rest of the game.

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