Lighting High School Gyms for Basketball

© Matthew Jonas 2010/Evergreen Newspapers 2010

Editors Note: While I am compiling my Year in Review photo galleries, I thought it would be a good time to post a few things I had been keeping in the bank. Enjoy.

The frozen parts of me are glad to be off of the football field and into a more temperature controlled environment. I’m talking about the start of the high school basketball season, of course! With the change of scenery comes a change in the equipment. This year I have streamlined my lighting equipment and managed to pack everything I need to light a gym into one small backpack, my Think Tank Photo Airport Antidote. Many shooters have given up on lighting gyms with the introduction of cameras that are capable of producing low noise, high ISO pictures. I still like the thrill of timing a picture just right and making an image that has good color to go along with good action.

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Bleachers without hand rails

© Matthew Jonas 2009/Evergreen Newspapers 2009

Finding a place to mount a strobe was a pain last night. On one side of the gym there were no handrails on the bleachers. They went right up against the wall. The only thing on one wall was a heating/air conditioning vent. To make matters worse the wall was about 15 feet behind the basket which would have thrown awful shadows from the hoop. I did what I could. The results weren’t bad. The setup was a super clamp, a magic arm, an umbrella stand adapter, a cold shoe and a Pocketwizard.

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