HDSLR Video We All Should Aspire to Produce

The video above comes from The Guardian in London. It was shot by Felix Clay on an unnamed HDSLR (my bet is Canon 5D Mark II) and edited by Elliot Smith and Shehani Fernando. This is just one video from Laura Barton’s series called Barton’s Britain in which she travels throughout England, Scotland and Wales to create a visual story of modern Great Britain. In my opinion (and the opinion of the UK Press Photographer’s Year 2010 Awards) this is outstanding work. Finding a visual style in photojournalism is tough. It’s clear that Felix Clay has found his. There are several more videos on the Guardian’s site that showcase this as well. Check it out.

The Liberty Belle Video Project

The Liberty Foundation brought the 1943 Liberty Belle B17 out to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport this weekend. On Monday, they had a media day including a short flight or at least they had planned to if it wasn’t so damn windy. 35 mile per hour sustained winds kept us on the ground but I still put together a short video piece.

Obviously, I would have liked to have taken the flight not only because it would make for great HD video but also it would have been a blast. Speaking of video, it is the second one that I have produced this year. Once again it was a learning experience. The more I use the 7D for shooting video the more I like it. Here is what worked and what did not work.

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In case you haven’t noticed…

In case you haven’t noticed I have been really focused on video from DSLRs. I really feel like this is the bridge that will span the gap between the “old” and “new” media and open new doors for current working visual journalists. For me, the problem has always been about missing the moment while gathering audio or shooting video instead of stills. With the new breed of DSLRs, video, and audio to some extent, is easier than ever to gather and takes less time to switch between the 2 formats. You no longer have to worry about missing the moment because even while shooting video its possible to take a “frame grab” that is easily high enough quality to run 3 columns wide. Audio is still a little cumbersome but with some more specialized equipment it can be accomplished.

I believe that with the large number of accessories for HDSLRs that have come onto the market since their introduction that I am not alone in my excitement. Companies such as Think Tank Photo, Zacuto, Red Rock Micro, CAVision and Hoodman are producing some great add-ons that will only make shooting video with HDSLRs even easier.

Long story short, you will definitely see projects that I will be working on posted here shot with Canon’s newest HDSLRs.

This is incredible

Check out the video above. Absolutely incredible. Keep in mind this is a documentary, not a movie. It was shot completely with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, one lens and a couple of external mics. I have been on a real video shot by HDSLRs kick lately. I am going to transition to shooting and editing more video this year. I hope I can achieve this level of quality one day. All I can say is that this is truly amazing. Check out the tech specs here.