My Favorite Photo Related Things at CES

Photo Courtesy of Canon USA

Before you ask, No I didn’t get a chance to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year. It would have been fun but it just wasn’t in the cards (get it? oh, I did). I have put together a list of the things that I saw through various blogs and company sites that relate to photography in some way that piqued my interest.

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Dear Canon, I need a flash memory based HV40

I have been shooting a lot of video with my EOS 7D lately and now have a pretty good understanding of the limitations of the Camera. 12 minute clip length, automatic gain control, having to record audio separately in most cases and sync in post and lack of image stabilization are things I have lived with. There’s a lot to like about the camera but there’s a lot of compromises to make. For some applications a smaller, more traditional camera would be better suited for filming. I have great Sennheiser on camera and off camera mics, an LED light that works pretty well and they all have one thing in common: a standard cold shoe connection.

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