R.I.P. Wednesday Web Links

Wednesday Web Links has been an experiment from the beginning. After a couple of weeks I have decided to discontinue Wednesday Web Links. And from what I can tell from readers, it won’t be missed. Instead of using a once a week format I will post several throughout the week. This was the original format and I think it encouraged me to update more often.

Wednesday Web Links 3/30/11

The weeks just keep flying by. There is lots of gear this week after being a little picture heavy lately. Here are your Wednesday Web Links.

  • Vimeo announced its very own iOS app on Tuesday, March 29th. The app is very similar to Apple’s iMovie app which allows you to edit video shot on the iPhone. As you can imagine it is tightly integrated with vimeo.com and also with various social networking sites allowing you to share video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS. The app is free and available in the app store.
  • The Parabolic Light Modification System V.2 umbrellas are once again in stock from Alienbees. According to accounts from users on various forums, they are shipping daily and are no longer on an endless back order. Now if they could get the Einstein, Vagabond Mini Lithium and the new Pocket Wizard Power MC2 in stock too, they just might make a customer out of me.
  • Expo Imaging released the Rogue 3 in 1 Honeycomb Grid to go along with their line of Rogue Flashbenders. I haven’t been able to use one yet but it seems like a really good idea. I currently use the Speed Grids from the Honl Professional Lighting System. They work well but the way the attach to a flash is crap. I end up using 2 Speed Straps to get enough tension to hold them securely. Maybe the Rogue Grid will replace these for me.
  • Canon U.S.A. has issued a press release regarding the possible import delays of products due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It also appears that the The U.S. Customs and Border Protection will be extra cautious with any import from Japan due to radiation concerns. As far as I am concerned they can take as much time as necessary. More than 10,000 people were wiped from the face of the earth in a matter of minutes during the tsunami. Worrying about how greedy Americans will get cameras should not be a concern for the people of Japan at the moment. My thoughts are with Japan as they rebuild their shattered lives.

Wednesday Web Links 3/16/11

Here are your Wednesday Web Links for 3/16/11.

  • I have been collecting web links to photos and video about the Japan earthquake and tsunami all week. Check out my previous post about it here. The Guardian Newspaper’s Dan Chung has put together a video titled Aftermath – the Japanese Tsunami that is worth checking out. Aljazeera’s Matt Alard has been reporting with Steve Chao from Natori, Japan in videos titled Japan Earthquake, Natori 14th April (although I think he means March) and Japan Earthquake, Natori.
  • Do you ever run into other working photojournalists who are complete jerks? Well, you are not alone. The Chicago Tribune’s photo blog, Assignment Chicago, has a post titled Tuesday Photo Tips: The Importance of Not Being a Jerk written by Alex Garcia that touches on a lot of issues surrounding the way some PJs work. For me there are a lot of “preaching to the choir moments” in the post. Its worth a read for seasoned and aspiring photojournalists.
  • A couple of weeks ago Lensbaby announced a new optic called the Sweet 35. From the product description “The Sweet 35 Optic is a 35mm selective focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture that creates a tack sharp Sweet Spot of focus surrounded by blur.” It’s everything I have ever wanted in a lens baby optic and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Apparently everyone else agrees because they are currently on a 1-2 week backorder. Its part of the Optic Swap System and is compatible with the Composer, Muse, Control Freak and Scout.
  • And finally, the Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado Senate AG committee has OK’d a daylight savings time bill. If passed, (Warning: PDF Link) Senate Bill 22 would keep Colorado on daylight savings time year round. What does that have to do with photography? What that means is more light (YES!!) in the evening and less light in the morning. I can see it now: high school football games with decent light for at least the first half. Let’s hope this passes.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for checking out Wednesday Web Links.

Wednesday Web Links 3/9/11

Here’s a few links from stories that I have been reading this week.

  • A couple of months ago at Photokina 2010, Fujifilm announced the FinePix X100, a compact digital rangefinder-like camera. It pretty much stole the show and drew a lot of attention from both professionals and amateurs. It’s drawn so much attention that according to DPReview.com that there are now shortages of the camera. Looks like you will have to wait a bit to get your hands on one.
  • I stumbled upon The Atlantic’s photo blog called In Focus with Alan Taylor. It’s a similar format to the popular Boston Globe photo blog called the Big Picture. One post in particular caught my eye titled Libya’s Escalating Conflict. There are lots of good images in this gallery and worth a look in my opinion.
  • Rob Galbraith is reporting that Lastolite, makers of lighting controls, soft boxes and various other grip equipment, has been sold to Manfrotto parent company Vitec Group for about $15.8 million. Hopefully this will be a good thing for distribution and maybe bring down some of their prices. I like a lot of what they make but some of it (tri-flash bracket I’m looking at you) seems a little over priced.
  • And finally, a little shameless self promotion. I recently was accepted to sportsshooter.com. My member page can be found here. I’m gonna try to update it as much as I can with different stuff than I post here. I didn’t realize how much information is available only to members. Good stuff.

UPDATED: Wednesday Web Links 3/2/11

Wow, another week has slipped past. Wednesday Web Links coming at you in, 3, 2, 1. Get it? You are so clever.

  • There are ways for professionals to behave in this industry. I have seen some pretty unprofessional behavior at local events lately by both print and television media. In a post on Son of Bold Venture titled The Press Box Rules, blogger Chris Jones tells it like it is. And a related post titled The Locker Room Rules isn’t a bad read either (just a warning, there are a few dick jokes). A lot of the rules here pertain to both reporters and photographers.
  • The Pictures of the Year International 68 winners have been posted. This contest is always filled with some great pictures. Every year there are also some “hmmmm?” pictures as well. Either way it’s good to look at pictures from some of the best shooters in the world and gain some inspiration. It’s also a testament to the power of great photojournalism.
  • I am an Apple fanboy. There I said it. I don’t care what you think. I have to mention the announcement of the iPad 2. Dual Core A5 chip, 33% thinner than the first one, front and rear facing cameras, no contract 3G data from either AT$T or Verizon and a whole lot more. I want one. I’m going to justify it as a business expense so I can use it to show potential customers my portfolio.
  • A company called Square, which allows you to accept credit card payments on your iPhone, has changed some of it’s billing procedures to be cheaper for users. They have dropped the $.15 per transaction fee and made it a flat 2.75% for all transactions. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay. This is a stellar deal to be able to accept most credit cards. There are normally a lot of fees to operate a credit card terminal and Square has managed to cut most of them out. Your customers can’t use the “I don’t have any cash” excuse anymore.
  • Over at the Canon Professional Network, speedliter Syl Arena has posted a multipart series titled Getting the Most From Speedlites. If you don’t know Syl, he is the Canon TTL equivalent to Nikon’s McNally. This is good stuff and well worth a read. I have been a Canon shooter for years and there were still things that I learned from this series.

Wednesday Web Links 2/23/11

It’s that time of…week…again. Wednesday web links.

  • Do you ever feel like you are in a creative slump? Every time I have to put my contest entries together I get that feeling. Apparently that’s not uncommon to have. Over at the Black Star Rising photo blog David Saxe tackles the subject in a post titled To Overcome the Creative Block, You Must First Embrace It.
  • As a small town photojournalist, I get a lot of interesting assignments. And by interesting I mean I get to answer the question “why would you ever cover that?” from my non-journalism colleagues. Over at the Toronto Star Photo Blog, photographer Carlos Osorio has a post titled Hazel Turns 90. It’s filled with great little moments that answer that question.
  • The Denver Post’s photo blog (Plog? Awful name. Sorry guys) takes a look at fashion week in New York with a post titled In Focus: the Fashion Society. Some of the behind the scenes and runway setup pictures are fantastic. Picture 14 by Evan Sung of The New York Times is a great example.
  • The next link does not have as much to do with the pictures as it does with the devices used to make them. Tokyo Camera Style is a blog devoted to the photo culture of Tokyo, specifically the film shooters. Film? What’s that? Alive and well in Japan, that’s what.

That’s it for this week. Post a comment if there is something I should be reading. It might make it onto next weeks Wednesday Web Links.

UPDATED: Wednesday Web Links 2/16/11

This is a new feature of smalltownphotojournalism.com that I am working on. Starting today and continuing every Wednesday, I will post a list of links to photojournalism related stories.

  • The New York Times has a a great blog called Lens. If you are not reading it you probably should. This week they have a post titled “Through My Eye, Not Hipstamatics” about the controversy surrounding Damon Winters winning POYi entry.
  • As a counter point to the above link (or maybe you should read this one first), Chip Litherland’s blog has a post titled “There’s an App for Photojournalism” also about Damon Winter’s POYi entry. There is a lot to think about here.
  • This is not really a story but it should be of interest to all the Backpack, multi-platform, one-man-band, jack-of-all-trades, visual story teller, journalists out there. I am going to do everything in my power to make it to the NPPA 2011 Multimedia Immersion workshop this year. It has a great faculty lined up including Wes Pope, formerly of the Rocky Mountain News.
  • I stumbled onto the blog of David Stephenson, a freelance multimedia photojournalist who has had stories run on Time.com. Stephenson’s projects are primarily shot on the venerable Canon 5D Mark II and he does it well.
  • The Boston Globe’s photo blog the Big Picture and features a gallery on the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Kids and dogs. Kids and Dogs. It’s what sells newspapers.

That’s it for this week. Post a comment if there is something I should be reading and it might make it onto next weeks web links.