Film in the vegetable drawer

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Last week I decided to load up a roll of 120 into my twin lens. If you are like me and many other photographers, you keep your film in the vegetable crisper drawer. I popped open a box of Kodak TMAX 100 and found 2 rolls of exposed film inside. Apparently that film has been in the fridge for a couple of years. I had the film developed and scanned over at Englewood Camera (Chris, you did an awesome job). Boy was I surprised by what came out. In 2006, I took a Hasseblad SuperWide to California. The photo above is from that trip. I can’t believe the film survived more than 4 years in the fridge. I also can’t believe that I didn’t have the film developed the minute I got home. One thing is for sure, I really need to get a SuperWide again and shoot more film.

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